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Big Data's History

William McKnight, Gigaom

Enterprise Readiness of Cloud MLOps

MLOps is a practice for collaboration between data science and operations to manage the production machine learning ML lifecycles. As an amalgamation of “machine learning”..

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ZDNet » Big Data Blog

AWS Neptune update: Machine learning, data science, and the future of graph databases

AWS Neptune just added another query language, openCypher, to its arsenal. That may not sound like a big deal in and of itself, but coupled with updates in machine learning and data science features, ..

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Himanshu Shekhar, Trifacta

BigQuery Optimization from – Behind The Scenes

This is the second blog post in a series on how Trifacta integrates with BigQuery to achieve performance gains with data transformation using SQL queries from Trifacta recipes. In the first part of th..

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Ryan Kade, Smart Data Collective

Why You Must Leverage Encryption for Data Protection in the Digital Transformation Era

The race to embrace digital transformation is on and a lot of organizations are doing everything possible to ensure they digitize every piece of information; this is, however, putting at greater risks..

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Andrew J. Brust, Gigaom

GigaOm Radar for AutoML

Automated machine learning AutoML is regarded as a “quiet revolution” in AI. But what makes AutoML revolutionary is not just automation and..

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ZDNet » Big Data Blog

Couchbase releases v7.0 in wake of successful IPO

With Couchbase 7.0, the emphasis is building on the document database's relational face...

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