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Cloud Computing's History

George Markou

AMD Nested Virtualization support with Windows 11

Reading Time: Not more than a year ago, Microsoft announced the support for nested virtualization on Windows 10, for AMD Processors that support it. As a result,.....

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David Linthicum, InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Could you survive a cloud architecture walkthrough?

Im always on my best behavior when I review someone elses enterprise cloud solutions. Its bad form to call their baby ugly, and there could be a good reason why the baby is ugly. I never jump to co..

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Ben Kepes, The Diversity Blog

On the interconnectedness of all things

I spent my formative years enjoying the genius writing of Douglas Adams. DNA, as he was known, was a superb writer, environmentalist, technologist and atheist who was taken from the world far too soon..

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Joe Elliott, InfoWorld Cloud Computing

How Grafana Tempo simplifies distributed tracing

Of the three pillars of observability, traces have historically lagged behind logs and metrics in usage. Were hoping to change that with Grafana Tempo, an easy-to-operate, high-scale, and cost-effect..

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Joydip Kanjilal, InfoWorld Cloud Computing

How to use correlation IDs in ASP.NET Core MVC

Suppose you have implemented an application based on a microservices architecture. In a microservices-based application, youll typically have a conglomeration of several services. One of the signific..

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nellmarie.colman, Datapipe

Secure your business with Microsoft 365

Secure your business with Microsoft 365 nellmarie.colmanTue, 07272021 - 08:31 Cybercriminals are on a never-ending hunt for data — anything they can steal and sell, exploit or hold for ransom. And y..

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David Linthicum, InfoWorld Cloud Computing

The evolution of public clouds will benefit enterprises

I dont normally go to the Wall Street Journal for the cloud news, but this headline caught my eye: “Battle for the Cloud, Once Amazon vs. Microsoft, Now Has Many Fronts. Customers increasingly sign w..

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