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Raymond Camden's Blog

Keeping Count of User Visits

Yesterday I was complaining about something on Twitter because, as far as I can tell, that's the main use case:If I wrote a simple blog post showing how to wait until a user's 3rd or 5th visit..

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Charlie Arehart, Adobe ColdFusion

Join us, Online CF Meetup, Feb 25: “The Golden Hammer: Confessions of a Recovering Database Abuser”, with Shawn Oden

Come join us at the Online ColdFusion Meetup session on Thursday, Feb 25, 2020, at 12p US Eastern time UTC -5. The presentation will be: “The Golden Hammer: Confessions of a Recovering Databas..

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jamie61880, Adobe ColdFusion

500 Internal Server Error

I added some Recaptcha code to our Contact page, but when the form is submitted, it gives a 500 error. Heres the error: “Error”,”ajp-bio-8014-exec-17″,”021021″,&..

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Adam Cameron's Dev Blog

Troubleshooting an issue with Kahlan

G'day:I'm ramping-up to do some more development with this fullstackExercise codebase I've been working on see Creating a web site with Vue.js, Nginx, Symfony on PHP8 MariaDB runni..

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Raymond Camden's Blog

Integrating Navigation Search with Lunr and Eleventy

Forgive me for what may be a slightly confusing title. I've previously talked about integrating Lunr and Eleventy "Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr" and the more rec..

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Ben Nadel's Blog

Replacing Blank Lines Using Multiline Mode RegEx Patterns In POSIX And Java In Lucee CFML

Ben Nadel looks at replacing blank lines in text content when using multiline mode Regular Expression patterns in both the POSIX engine and the Java engine. The behavior is different in the two engi..

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