Angelica Root (Dang Gui)

Angelica Root (Dang Gui)

What is Angelica Root?

Also known as wild celery, this flowering herb has a sweet bite with a unique, herbaceous scent. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s often used to maintain supple, soft skin and address normal conditions associated with women’s menstrual cycles.* Worth keeping in mind: Dang Gui uses the strain called Angelica sinensis, while other angelica root supplements may be made with Angelica archangelica.

What are the Benefits of Angelica Root? 

This root is a master stabilizer—data shows it may help to improve mood, boost circulation, and mitigate the intensity of hot flashes. It’s long been used in herbal medicine to balance hormones, too, and may even help protect against arthritis.*

Angelica Root Benefits: 

  • Regulates hormones related to menstruation
  • Relieve cramping
  • Benefit anemia or anemic-like conditions
  • Benefit constipation

Angelica Root in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dang gui is extremely valuable in TCM due to its ability to both nourish and build blood, but also improve blood circulation. Typically herbs that build blood can also create blood stagnation, and herbs that move the blood can also exhaust the blood. However, Dang gui’s ability to do both, nourish and move, makes it a staple in almost any TCM formula that treat conditions stemming from blood patterns. 

It can be used to treat Blood deficiency patterns, especially when affecting the Heart and Liver with pale, ashen complexion, lusterless nails, tinnitus, blurred vision and palpitations.*

Due to its close relationship with the blood, it is used to regulate menstruation and treat almost any condition associated with the menstruation, such as amenorrhea (lack of a period), dysmenorrhea (painful period), premenstrual cramping, irritability, and irregular bleeding. It is also used to lubricate the intestines and treat constipation.*

How to Take Angelica Root

Angelica root can be found in dried whole or in powders. It’s used in many herbal supplements, including our Surface AppealBalancing Act, Mind Unwind, Come Clean, and Got Game supplements, to address a wide variety of concerns.

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