Natural Supplement to Promote Healthy Skin

Surface Appeal


This herbal super blend helps clear toxins and nourish the underlying causes of dry and lackluster skin. For clear, healthy, and radiant skin add Surface Appeal to your routine. 

✓ Nourishes the skin*
✓ Promotes circulation around skin surface*
✓ Maintains skin tone and firmness*
✓ Increases moisture*
✓ Alleviates itchiness, blemishes, redness*

Take two tablets twice a day, with or without food.
For best results, take daily.

Tremella Fruiting Body, Astragalus Root, Rehmannia Root, Dong Quai (Angelica) Root, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome, Tribulus Terrestris Fruit, Chinese Peony Root, Polygonum Root, Tokyo Violet Plant, Hedyotis Plant, Ginger Root, Chinese Licorice Root



The Surface Appeal superblend addresses the key elements of healthy skin to keep it looking clear, free of blemishes, and feeling soft and supple.*


Tremella Mushroom (Yin Er)

Nourishes the skin*

One of the most important adaptogens in Chinese medicine for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Yin Er nourishes the fluids and benefits the Lungs, which is the organ that has the most direct influence on the health of the skin.*

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Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Supports respiratory system*

A powerful herb, astragalus root exhibits antioxidant activity, helps to support the immune system, and is thought to benefit the respiratory system. A popular adaptogen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (known as a Superior Herb), it's frequently utilized to strengthen the Qi, or energy, of the Lungs.*

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Polygonum (He Shou Wu)

Promotes longevity*

A highly regarded herb in TCM for longevity, He shou wu nourishes the kidneys. It is famous for turning grey hair black or helping regrow hair when it falls out due to blood deficiency (common in older women or after pregnancy). He shou wu is perfect for healthy skin because it nourishes the blood, but also eliminates 'wind', a key concept in eliminating itchiness and blemishes from the skin.*

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“Surface Appeal is based on the premise that the lungs create qi, the life force that animates the body. It uses tremella mushrooms, he shou wu, and astragalus to strengthen the skin-lung connection and increase circulation.”
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“My friends have all been saying "you're glowing!" lately. But more than that, my skin feels so much better and even treats my life-long eczema!  Thank you, Surface Appeal!”  
- Natalie B.