Chinese Hawthorn Berry (Shan Zha)

Chinese Hawthorn Berry (Shan Zha)

What is Chinese Hawthorn Berry?

Chinese Hawthorn Berry is a sweet fruit that’s long been used in Northern Chinese cooking. Known as a powerful digestive aid, it’s used to relieve food stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reducing symptoms like bloating after large meals.

What are the Benefits of Chinese Hawthorn Berry?

Research shows hawthorn berry may help to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels already in normal ranges, and support digestion with prebiotic and enzyme-rich components. It may help improve symptoms of hypertension, high cholesterol, and coronary artery disease.*

Chinese Hawthorn Berry Benefits: 

  • Eases indigestion
  • Relieves fullness after eating
  • Lowers cholesterol

Chinese Hawthorn Berry in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese hawthorn berry helps to transform blood stasis, invigorates blood circulation, and dissipates “clumps” (in TCM terms). It breaks up the blood stasis (or clotting) that is often associated with eating excessive amounts of heavy or greasy meats, can help treat hiatal hernia, and relieves the feeling of fullness of the chest and abdomen after eating.*

How to Take Chinese Hawthorn Berry

Chinese hawthorn berry can be found as a dried fruit, in tea, or as candy. Chinese hawthorn berry is used in many herbal supplements, including our Gut Feelings supplement, to help aid digestion.

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